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MABAH is proud of the diversity of its members, which makes the organization a true representative of the Hispanic Community in Houston, Texas.  MABAH membership is composed of attorneys, members of the judiciary, law students, and paralegals.


Do you have to be Hispanic to join MABAH?

No. MABAH is open to all attorneys and paralegals.


Are there dues?  How often are they paid?

MABAH has several different types of memberships and dues may vary.  


  • Newly licensed attorneys are welcome to join at no cost for the first year.

  • Members who are 65 years or older as well as law students pay no dues.  

  • Active Members who have been licensed between one (1) and five (5) years are able to join and retain membership for $75.00 per year.

  • Members who have been licensed between five (5) and 10 years pay $100.00 per year.

  • Members who have been licensed over 10 years pay $125.00 per year.  

  • Paralegals may join MABAH by paying $50.00 in membership dues.

How do I sign up for Consejos Legales?


We encourage you to make Consejos Legales a part of your schedule. Consejos Legales is held the first Thursday of every month. You can sign up directly via   you may also contact Judge Joe Villarreal for more information at

Where does Consejos Legales take place?

Consejos Legales is now held virtually which makes volunteering even more convenient!

Do I have to be a seasoned attorney to volunteer for Consejos Legales?

Absolutely not! We welcome newly licensed attorneys to assist in addressing the legal needs of the Spanish speaking community in Houston.

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